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We currently operate eight helicopter cockpits (H175, H160, AS365 N2, H155, AS332 L1/L2, H225 and NH90) with Full Flight Simulators and three cockpits with Flight Training Devices (AS365 N2, AS332 L1 and H225).
Helisim Flight Simulators are Full Data package from OEM Airbus Helicopters, associated with a high detailed visual database allowing to work with various weather conditions and special effects such as brown-out,3D sea state …
We operate seven helicopter cockpits with Full Flight Simulators and Flight Training Devices.

Supported by a worldwide data base for airports and navaids, our simulators offer extremely detailed areas and moving objects enabling us to provide your organization with an efficient training.

Common Effects

  • Maritime: 3D sea, Oil Rigs, Ship deck…
  • Several landscapes: countryside, desert, mountain, cities, confined areas
  • Any weather condition: clouds, ceiling, visibility/RVR, temperature, humidity, wind, turbulence
  • Airports: A representative airport (Marseille-Provence), More than 200 generic airports and Operating site scenes (Elevated helipads Confined areas)

    • 5 Full Flight Simulators

      Key features

      • 3-Axis floor shaker
      • 6 Degrees of freedom motion system
      • High resolution NVG capability

        • Special Features

          • H175: Off board IOS
          • NH90: Off board IOS, HMSD System
          • AS332 L1: CBT Classroom

            • 1 Flight Training Device

              In addition to its Full Flight Simulators (FFS), Helisim operates a Flight Training Device (FTD). This 3-Axis floor shaker training media can accommodate 3 helicopter cockpits (AS365 N2, AS332 L1 and H225), already qualified on FFS station.

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